Wow, been forever since I set this page up. I have never had the time to look at it nor spend the time to get everything setup the way it needs to be. I still have a load of stuff I want to do with it. My next thing is to get the shop setup so you can buy "Stuff" from it.
) Whatever stuff that is? I have to try and look at it from a perspective of what would I like to buy? Shirts? maybe a shifter ball? how about a "Good Pair of fuzzy dice"? I am working on these things however slow it may be. If you have suggestions please feel free to shoot an email my way and I will look into it time permitting. hmmmmm Maybe I need to clone myself about a dozen times so I can be doing the things that I need to get done in a reasonable amount of time. More on that later because I think I am about to cross some sort of line.....Anyways progress on the cars has been slow as much has been happening lately. I have spent many an hour trying to track down health issues and determine course of action. Needless to say I haven’t been in a good place for awhile and it weighs heavily on me at the present. Enough of that though. better things to come. We recently adopted a pound puppy the requires a bit of attention so most of our time is spent on that as of late. Hope you like what you see as at some point I would like to turn this into a small business so that I can contribute in some fashion and not just be there when folks think they need something from me. Keep your eyes peeled :)

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