Update:  Progress on Tia 3/29/2016

Over the past few weeks we have been busy cleaning the engine compartment up a bit in addition to adding a few things.
1. We will be adding a NEW…..old OEM PCV system to the engine in order to facilitate removing the oily crankcase gases from traveling
through the carburetors and gumming them up. There will need to be repairs done to the sheet metal and the exiting nipple in order to
prevent oil leakage from the side covers of the engine.
IMG_20160326_110015 IMG_20160326_110024 IMG_20160326_110031

2. We have added a new Bracketing setup for the Power steering pump and gearbox. This will include the A/C bracket as air conditioning may be added in the future. Right now it is undecided how we will add it. Whether we will try and find an original underdash unit or update to a modern unit that is controlled by servos instead of the old unit that is controlled by cable.

IMG_20160328_205807 IMG_20160328_205820 IMG_20160328_205845

3. we will also be adding a new intake manifold and carb setup in order to see if we can boost the horsepower up a bit for the A/C. That being said we will probably also need to add a larger exhaust pipe to it in order to account for the additional flow.

IMG_20160329_212311 IMG_20160329_212302

4. At the same time the intake is off we will update the head bolts to an ARP Stud system as suggested at world power systems. The Gentleman here has already done a good amount of research on these little engines so we are going to implement some of his suggestions in order to improve our little car. If you can spend some reading time over there please do. He has quite a bit of background and the things he suggests quite literally make sense.


While we have started some of these tasks on the car and completed them there is still a bit in the pipe to do.

  • we still need to add the opera lights under the dash in the front
  • we still need to repair the door hinge on the drivers side
  • we still need to repair the 2 front windows and add upstops to the rears.
  • we have repaired the temp guage, alt light and oil pressure light.
  • we still need to add the aftermarket flashers to it.
  • we still need to add the light to the ebrake.

as you can see there is still quit a bit of work that needs to be done. we are working on this nightly. The Idea being to finish one thing a day. Hope you all had a fine Easter.


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