Update: Progress on Tia 12/31/2015

Update: Progress on Tia 12/31/2015

Whew where does the time go, a new year and a new set of things to do. We have been working on more improvements and upgrades in order to make Tia a bit safer for the road. This particular mod fought us most of the way, although it is something that we should have expected in addition to the time needed in order to accomplish the task at hand.

over the course of the past few weeks since the last update on the 7th we added disc brakes to the front end of TIA. Due to the older age of the car I thought I would go a cost effective route and add a SCAREBIRD brake set up to it. For those that don’t know SCAREBIRD is a disc brake caliper mounting bracket manufacture that uses pre-existing market components to complete their setup. I will try and outline what we did so you can follow along.

First things first…..Buy some longer lug studs unless you are installing these on the 71-up models
Second thing before you go to far be sure that you check to make sure the Rotor fits on your hub properly if not it will need to be turned down to fit in the rotor. Additionally check to be sure the new lug studs fit the rotor. On mine I had to drill the rotor too.
Last but not least check to make sure your hubs are straight otherwise you are going to be doing this again with new hubs at double the expense.

You will need the following items, I recommend ordering them from places like ROCKAUTO.COM or some other discount place. In doing so I saved myself about 100 bucks. total I am only into it about 350-400 that is far better than the 800 or so from wilwood. While I like their product its tough to buy it all the time when you have a small fleet of vehicles that need to be updated.

Brake/Wheel Hub : Caliper
RAYBESTOS RC4233 Professional Grade Professional Grade; Metallic Loaded Caliper, Remanufactured
RAYBESTOS RC4234 Professional Grade Professional Grade; Metallic Loaded Caliper, Remanufactured

Brake/Wheel Hub : Hydraulic Hose to Caliper (Banjo) Bolt Washer
DORMAN 484180 {#366223, 4841801, 66223} Inside Dia: 10.3mm; Outside Dia.; 16.91mm; Thickness: 1.2mm

Brake/Wheel Hub : Hydraulic Hose to Caliper (Banjo) Bolt
DORMAN 484205 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Thread: M10-1.5; Length; 22.8mm; Hex: 11mm

Brake/Wheel Hub : Hydraulic Hose
CENTRIC 15062031 Brake Hydraulic Hoses
CENTRIC 15062030 Brake Hydraulic Hoses

Brake/Wheel Hub : Rotor

1 Box Lug Studs (10) 1/2 20 71 and up AMC
1 Set 1/2 20 Lug Nuts that will accommodate your current rim style

A place to turn the Hubs if needed in addition to drilling the rotors out for the larger studs and pressing the new ones in

Remove the tires from the front
Remove the drums from the hubs
Remove the hubs from the spindle including the bearings from the hub

Check Fitment of the hubs into the rotor, If they don’t fit correctly take them down to a machine shop and have them trimmed until they do
They can also check to see if the hubs are true once on the lathe.
At the same time they might be able to press the new longer lug studs in you will need this as the earlier studs (70 earlier) are not long enough to be safe once the nuts are installed over the rim.

Install the caliper mounting brackets nut side to be inwards towards the disc
Install the finished hubs (With the new lug studs and the trim already completed)
Install the rotor
Install the Caliper
Install the new Brake Hoses

Bleed the brakes
you should have something that looks like the below pic

We also opted for a change of Rims at the same time take a look at the options below.

We finally opted to go with the Rally Rims and had the tires changed over to accommodate them. Yes I know they need to be cleaned 🙂 here is the final look.

We will be moving on to the next project and that will be to install a Sway Bar, install the intake and carbs or to install the Studs in the cylinder head.

Stay Tuned…….

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