Update: Progress on Tia 11/16/2015

We spent the last few days making preparations to Tia in order to try and get her back on the Road. She suffers from fuel and ignition related issues. Tonight I spent time to relocate the electric fuel pump to the proper location near the fuel tank. For those that dont know electric fuel pumps do a better job at pushing than they do pulling so the closer to the fuel tank you can get them the better off you are going to be. I mounted this right off the pickup tube and will still need to attach it to the frame at some point, for now its in.


now that the fuel pump has been moved to the proper location its time to focus on the additional fuel problems its had. one issue has been that it has had a fuel tank repair goo placed into the tank and it has contaminated the rest of the fuel system so we will need to flush it out to be sure we have no more obstructions that can prevent it from getting to the engine. I popped the top off the carb to look at the inards and found a whole bunch of mud at the bottom of the float bowl. In addition to that I also found that the float needed to be adjusted,


I need to go pick up supplies so I will be back…..Keep you posted!!!!

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