Another 30 days…….

Hey there everyone,

I know I had promised to update here every 2 weeks however, another 30 days have come and gone and along with that comes set backs and progress.

The above being said lets talk about the set backs…..During the course of the last 30 days we haven’t had much time to spend on the beloved cars that now reside at our home. We had intentions of being involved in several of the events that included spending time with friends and cruising in the nice weather we have been having down here in the Desert. We have been hovering in the high 70’s and low 80’s off and on which is superb weather for driving with the top down and just enjoying the over all aspects of a convertible as they were meant to be. Since our last drive the American(Tia) has also been acting up considerably. Its almost as if she doesn’t want to stray to far from home. Can you blame her? No, its chilly at night and like me I’m sure she just wants to stay warm and snuggly in her garage. I have a feeling that it once again is fuel related so I will need to check the fuel pump and such once again to see why we are having these issues. There is still much to do as well. I had ordered a few things like seat covers, interior lighting, some period correct aftermarket Hazard lights, I also fixed the AM radio that will go into it along with a few other odds and ends that just need to be taken care of. Well it just isn’t getting done quick enough anyway, through no fault of our own or through no fault of Tia’s either. In the wings I have Elizabeth(1967 Ambo Convert) , Barb(1967 Rebel Convert) , Marana(1968 Ambo 4 Door) and Sheri(1973 Javelin) waiting to have things started and or completed on them.  What it boils down to is time, something that all of us strive to have bunches of and it always seemingly is vapor. I always profess to never having enough time and always being fashionably late to things, truth is I run on something called “Eric Time” which is essentially anything I can get done within a day at whatever time I can get to it. Sounds real bad I know, however, when you have limited time such as I do there is never any rest for the wicked. So……..for those that I missed doing things with this month or maybe the past few weeks I apologize, please know its not intentional its just the way the cookie ends up crumbling or the way the pizza gets cut.

After explaining the above lets move on to the progress being made because to me its an exciting thing. While we have been behind on the cars we are actually getting the infrastructure to the garage being built. This comes in the form of the driveway from the front gate to the back of the garage doors. Now for those of you who think “eh….whats the big deal? its just the driveway”. Well let me tell you. Since we moved out to this place and had the Garage built there has been a point of contention about the amount of mud and dust that gets generated by the surrounding area. I seam to track it in at all times not only to the garage but into the house as well. The dog seems to be the main culprit presently and guess what….that dont make it any easier to keep the dust down through those hot summer days. Additionally, when it rains the yard turns into this soupy mess that seems to stick to everything no matter what. Its one of the few times I can walk through the yard and actually feel myself getting taller because of the mud sticking to my shoes. When driving the cars through it, it leaves tire trenched everywhere and drags everything into the garage. All in all its just a mess. Over the course of the last month we have been pounding brick “literally’. Along the course of the past few months a god friend just happened to get me in touch with a seller that had a stockpile of brick that needed to be removed. That day the mission to move brick was born for the soul purpose of building my driveway. See its not as easy as just pouring concrete and calling it done. There are various evil reasons why it has to be brick, one of which is called a septic tank. Should that thing back up or explode or whatever septic tanks decide to do I need extra space on the property to move it to and well brick is easier to move than concrete. Lets just hope it never comes down to that. I keep things fairly maintained so I think we should be good…..only the shadow knows what evil lurks below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and as always thank for visiting.

Big EZ.

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