Update: Progress on Barb 10/18/2015

We have been working fervently to get Barb back in shape so that we may start to enjoy the cooler weather and driving the convertible during the cooler months. We have made a lot of progress so far. Presently we have stripped the front end off in anticipation of installing the new radiator core support. Once the fenders were removed we found one of our friends houses in the trough of the front end. (shown in the pictures below). Both troughs were in need of cleaning up so we vacuumed the dirt out and cleaned up the mouse motel to prep the front end for additional cleaning.


once the troughs were clean we went ahead and removed the springs, upper control arms, trunnions, lower control arms, strut rods and cross member.


we unpacked the control freak front suspension and set the parts out in place so that we could start rebuilding the front end with the new setup. So far everything has been pretty straight forward and looks like the install should be fairly simple. Take a look and let me know what you think?



for additional information on this project please go to Project Barb

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