Time is Flyin…….

Wow……, Time is flyin by and sometimes I wish I owned a Delorean. More changes have been coming down the pipe than I can shake a stick at. Well, Maybe I could but would it make a difference? I think not as time is a forever changing thing with no rest for the wicked or weary. What Can I report this month??? Well how about a few things we had a pretty active month on the car front and shop front.

First we talk shop….. 🙂 we have been spending the Last month putting the parts department together, no its nothing fancy……No fancy parts tracking system or anything like that, its merely a place to get the parts all into one place, we have been building the shelving and moving parts from all over the house into one place. Sounds easy right? in theory it is, in reality its a lot of work that I was not prepared for. It was tedious and time consuming and is still not complete.


On the brick front we were able to fix Mr White(our Bobcat) and get the brick moved into the back yard into one central location. All we need now is to count the bricks and get a square footage from it in order to calculate where we can and will lay it.


On the Car Front? well? Tia once again being her sassy self has decided that the oil pump needs to be looked at. I looked at the light to see if I could figure out why it wasn’t working and ended up replacing the Oil Pressure Switch. We that led to the fact that it comes off and on at the oddest times. sometimes while I tooling along down the road. We all know that it isnt a good thing and should be dealt with so now its something that I need to look at along with everything else.

Before the above happened we did manage to attend several events in the last month. Both being with “TIME MACHINES CAR CLUB” I have a few Videos to show the events. Yes we had fun and well…. want to go again with at better looking car. so we will be spending some time trying to get a few of them back into shape. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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