Home Fran

The Name Fran is Derived from San Francisco where we picked this car up. We ordered the car over the Internet from EBAY for 900 dollars. The car was in impound by the state and they were trying to recover storage fees. IT had been on EBAY twice before with no bidders and this was their last attempt at selling it. I was told if it didnt sell they were going to haul it off to the scrap yard. I took me and my family and made a 3 day weekend out of it to recover the car and haul it back to here. It was obvious that it needed some help. The 290 ran well however it only had reverse. There were no forward gears at all. The previous owner performed some extra special mods to the interior that need to be repaired as well. I have since replaced the transmission so its a driver now, however it still need to have some time spent with it. The one thing I can say for the time being is “at least its complete”.

Project Completion 34%