Home Sheri

Sheri is the car I have owned since I was 15. I have worked very hard to get her where she is today. I have had a lot of firsts in this car. My first girlfriend, My first son, my first home, my first accident, my first car…….the list goes on an on. I purchased this car at the age of 15 for 50.00 and It was a complete basket case, the engine was in the trunk along with the transmission and a myriad of other parts. The interior was in several places around the city and we had to drive around to pick it up so I could put the car together. I spent the better part of my high school years putting this car together and almost didn’t graduate because of it.

It was the first car I pushed for a mile along with my brother since It broke down on the first drive home. I spent most of the other times after that Racing the local authorities in order to catch other cars in the process…..I knew the officers…not on a personal level but they knew me well enough to help keep me out of trouble…..It still didn’t stop them from providing me with a passel of citations…I was even pulled over in my own driveway..”Rookie”…..he should have known it was me…needless to say that led to the need for me to join the military….I was out a lot going different places doing different things ….

The car originally was Maxi Blue and has been totaled and rebuilt several times over, I it has been in Commercials, in magazines, in corporate newsletters. My Father spent a lot of time on this car with me and on his own. There are a lot of memories wrapped into this car. I have aspirations for the completion of this car in the next year as well. Time will tell. Although it will be “Done” it is never complete. There will always be something that will need to be taken care of….

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