So where did Shawn’s love a cars come from. Well it all started shortly after he was born. His parents received their new special order 1970 dodge challenger (plum crazy). It was a car he had grown up in and one day would call it his own. His dad took him to dirt track races where he acquired a liking for the sound of eight cylinders rumbling around the track. As he grew up he had his share of toy cars and as he got older got into model cars. At the age of 13 he was given the family challenger. It was in really bad shape his mission was to restore the car. As he got into high school he took as many vocational classes as he could Including but not limited to the following – Three years of auto shop where he rebuilt the engine, auto body for the exterior, auto upholstery for the interior, electronic, plastics and metals. In the classes he used his knowledge to finish his restoration of his Challenger and won 1st place in the school car show. After high school he went to college to get a degree and certification to work on aircraft where he honed his fabrications skills. He passed his test to become a FAA licensed airplane mechanic for both airframe and power plant. While in college he worked full time at an auto parts store and moonlighted restoring cars for a guy professionally.

Shawn met Harold’s dad at the auto parts store and knew who he was when he came in the store. A few years later Harold moved in across from Shawn, so he had to go introduce himself and ask about the Mach1 he was driving. Later Shawn would work for another auto parts company in their corporate office looking up hard to find parts in the special orders department. Shawn enjoyed this job as he was helping keep old classics on the road. There over twenty years ago is where he met Eric. Eric shared the same passion for classic cars so they talked quite a bit on breaks before and after work. One day Eric was talking to Shawn about a drag car he was building. Shawn wanted to get involved and came over to help him. The car is still in his possession and still being worked on today… The rest is history.

Shawns has several daughters who also have the car bug and try to help him out when they can.

Some additional Projects of Shawns

1969 Chevy Camaro

1970 Dodge Challenger

1953 Chevrolet Pickup



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