My Love of cars goes back to before I could walk. My father owned and Amoco service station and I spent many days there in the garage working with him and many of the mechanics that worked there. In high school i attended all of the automatic transmission training and eventually when to a Chrysler sponsored “Advanced Automotive School”. Shortly after high school I moved to Prescott and opened an automotive repair shop with a partner that lasted for several years. In between training and owning a shop I built several performance cars, road racers, drag racers and hotrods.

I have always enjoyed building, fabricating, restoring and bringing anything that catches my eye back to life. You name it I am excited about doing it.

so here is short version of how I met Shawn– Shawn worked with my father at pep boys and I would have to buy 2 rear tires for my car every couple of weeks. (That is how we first met). Then we somehow ended up as neighbors at an apartment complex where I ended up being his alarm clock by starting up my 1973 Mach 1 every morning at the same time.

Harolds family are heavily into cars as well. He has 2 brothers that are full time auto techs in addition to his wife that helps him at home of which they are building a Mustang together. You can see it here.

Some additional projects of Harolds

1967 Sunbeam Tiger

1950 Dodge Pickup

1953 Chevrolet 150



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